Driver FAQ

How do I add the toll charges?

When your vehicle passes through a toll on a trip, inform the customer about the toll charges and at the end of the trip you can add the toll surcharge to your rider's fare and you will be able to view the toll charge in the invoice.

If a toll-related surcharge was entered wrongly, please provide details and we will review.

Fare Issues

If you think you were incorrectly charged for a trip, you may raise a dispute through our App under History and we can review your fare. You will hear back from us in the next 24-48 hours.
Ensure you have selected the trip that you want us to review. Adjustments to the trip fare, where applicable, will reflect on your wallet.

Note: Please note that we would not be able to make adjustments to trips if they are older than 5 days.

Your Rider Account has been blocked for 2 days

Despite several warnings, you have been asking the riders to pay an extra amount over and above the calculated trip fare. Due to this, your Rider Account has been blocked.
Your account will be auto-reactivated after 2 days.

Please do not charge the rider for parking fees, luggage, or any extra cash in addition to the trip fare in the future.

Requests from underage riders

A rider must be at least 18 years of age to have a Rider account and request rides. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by someone 18 years of age or older on any ride.
As a driver-partner in a city that doesn't allow minors to ride, you should decline the ride request if you believe the person requesting the ride is under 18. When picking up riders, if you feel they are underage, you may request they provide Aadhar card or ID card for confirmation. If a rider is underage, please do not start the trip or allow them to ride.

My rider was rude

We understand that you may have some negative experiences with riders, and our rating system is in place to help keep Rider App comfortable and safe for everyone.

My rider was not wearing a face mask

If a rider was not wearing a face mask or not following Covid protocols, you may as the rider to do so politely and if disagrees please raise a dispute at the end of your trip. I want to change my rating for a rider. Everyone deserves and appreciates receiving a fair and accurate rating.
If you'd like to change the rating you gave a rider, please let us know here. We'll update the rider's rating for this trip.

Please note that we cannot change your rating that the rider gave you on this trip nor insert a rating scheme for each cancelled trip

The wrong rider took this trip

Occasionally, a wrong rider may attempt to enter your vehicle by mistake.
Since we cannot confirm who this rider is, we would not be able to process a fare for this trip.
We understand that this can be frustrating, to make sure you pick up the right person every time, we recommend confirming your rider's name and OTP before starting a trip.
Your app displays the rider's name once you have accepted their request, and the rider can see your name, photo, car type, and license plate number.

Professional cleaning for a mess

We hope and expect that riders will treat your vehicle with care and respect. However, in the event that you have to clean up your car after a trip, we will not be able to reimburse you for the cost of cleaning. .

Rider is a technology platform that connects you to riders. As a driver-partner, you use your own vehicle or a fleet partner's vehicle to pick up riders and drive them to preferred destinations in your city. As a driver-partner, it is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is a safe and comfortable space for everyone, including you.

Where can I see my trip earnings?

You can track your earnings by week, day, or trip in your Provider app by tapping the Earnings on your screen.

Earnings displayed in your app are an estimation of your net earnings after the Rider service fee and any other applicable fees have been charged. Net fares displayed in your app may not match your final statement exactly.

What is the Rider App fee?

Drivers using the provider app are charged with Rider Fee as a percentage of each trip fare. If surge pricing applies to a trip, the Rider Fee percentage is also deducted from the surge amount. The Rider Fee helps cover costs including technology, development of app features, marketing, and payment processing for driver-partners.

Signing up with an invite code

Rider's signup page lets you enter a friend's invite code so they can be opted into receiving a referral award. Referral award policies, requirements, and amounts will vary by city. When you sign up directly from an email or text message SMS invite, your friend's invite code is automatically applied.

How much data does the driver app use?

Typical driver app use on your personal device is unlikely to exceed more than 3 GB of data each month.
We recommend exploring mobile provider plans that include unlimited data.

I found an item

If you notice an item is left behind, please let us know by sharing details on Dispute tab under History.
We'll help you connect with the rider so that the two of you can arrange a mutually convenient time and place for a return. In the next 48 hours, the rider may reach out to you directly to recover the lost item.

In the meantime, please keep the item safe.

In the future, it's helpful to remind riders to take all their belongings as they exit your vehicle.
NOTE: By providing us permission to share your number, you understand that Rider App will share this exact phone number with your rider for this trip and the rider may then contact you directly through your phone. Your rider will then have this number indefinitely and/or as long as they choose to retain it.


Guidance for COVID-19 exposure

How do I notify anyone I might have exposed after testing positive for COVID-19?

Please report to your local health department and follow their current guidance. We rely on reports from public health organizations and have a process in place for helping them with contact tracing.

I was exposed to COVID-19 on a recent trip

If you believe you’ve been exposed, please contact your local health department and follow their most up-to-date guidance. Rider is providing health and safety supplies to support drivers and delivery people to help slow the spread. Knowingly using our platform if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19, or have symptoms, is not permitted. We continue to stress the importance of wearing a mask, sitting in the back seat, and ventilating the car when possible. You can also visit our Coronavirus resources and updates page for more information on Rider’s commitment to support communities around the world.