What are the documents needed for Signup?

The Following documents are required for registering your shop with Rider App FSSAI License / FSSAI Acknowledgement (For Shops dealing with Food Items) Pan Card  GST Certificate  Cancelled Cheque OR bank Passbook

How do I create Categories, Products & Add-ons?

Click on the ‘Product Tab’, where you can see options to add Categories, your Product items and Add-ons. Under Category, you may create a group for each type of menu. For Eg. Create category like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, so that you may add your Product items accordingly. Or can categories on Cuisine basis like […]

Where can I see my earnings?

You can track your earnings by tapping the ‘Revenue’ on ‘Accounts’ tab. Where you can see the Total Revenue, Weekly and Daily Earnings, Order details, etc. The amount displayed is the net amount after deducting our Commission, Promotions, etc.

How do I get paid after completing an Order?

You will receive the amount after deducting the commission, in to your bank account provided at the time of Signup, by the end of every week. For any discrepancies arises, please get in touch with our Customer service Email ID: customersupport1@rider-app.in.

How do I see the ongoing/current Order?

Once you accept the Order request, you can see the ‘Ongoing orders’ under ‘History’ tab.  Please prepare the order based on the timings set while registering.

How do I know about an incoming Order?

If you are logged in to the Rider App Shop, your phone will ring when you receive a new order, and you can see the incoming order under ‘Home’ tab, you may accept the request and prepare the order. A nearby delivery person will be assigned automatically, he will collect and deliver the item to […]

How do I Signup with Rider App?

Download ‘Rider App Shop’ from App Store(IOS) or Play store(Android) Complete the registration by providing valid mobile number, email address, FSSAI license, Pan Card, Shop Photo, Bank Details, etc. Wait for the approval from Admin to start updating Menu items. Once got Approval, Sign-in with Email ID and password. Click on ‘Product’ tab, Create Category […]