What I have to do if I lost an item in the Vehicle.

The best way to retrieve an item you may have left in a vehicle is to call the driver instantly. If you don’t have the driver contact number you may raise a ticket in the History Tab by following the steps below. 1. Click on History Tab and choose Transport. 2. Click on the corresponding […]

How to book Rental Option

If you wish to book a Rental car with driver for a specified time,  Select the Rental option from Transport and choose the vehicle. Select the Package you are looking for. Approximate fare amount will be generated and you may schedule the ride also.

How to book Outstation Trips

If you are booking a ride which is outside the city limit,  Select Outstation option from Transport, choose the vehicle and enter the destination. Choose from One-way or Round Trip and provide Date and Time. Approximate fare amount will be generated and you may schedule the ride also.

How to book a Daily Ride, Travel and Pay the Driver.

1. Click on Transport Icon and select the preferred ride from Car, Auto and Electric Bike. Enter your destination address in the “Enter destination location” box, or Select location from the map. 2. Choose Daily / Rental / Outstation based on your requirement. Choose Rental if you wish to rent a vehicle with driver for […]

How many Vehicle options are there for my Ride and how it differs?

We’re currently having Car, Auto and Electric Bike rides in our Application.  If you are looking for a quick and cheapest ride select Electric bike and for more than one passenger please select Auto ride.  In Car Taxi service you have three options Hatchback, Sedan and Premium to select from. Hatchback offers the most affordable […]

 I was exposed to COVID-19 on a recent trip

If you believe you’ve been exposed, please contact your local health department and follow their most up-to-date guidance. Rider is providing health and safety supplies to support drivers and delivery people to help slow the spread. Knowingly using our platform if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19, or have symptoms, is not permitted. We continue to […]

 I found an item

If you notice an item is left behind please contact and try to return the item to the User. Or please let us know by sharing the details on Dispute tab under History.We’ll help you connect with the rider so that the two of you can arrange a mutually convenient time and place for a […]

How much data does the driver app use?

Typical driver app use on your personal device is unlikely to exceed more than 3 GB of data each month.We recommend exploring mobile provider plans that include unlimited data.

 Signing up with an invite code

Rider’s signup page lets you enter a friend’s invite code so they can be opted into receiving a referral award. Referral award policies, requirements, and amounts will vary by city. When you sign up directly from an email or text message SMS invite, your friend’s invite code is automatically applied.