Post Covid Recovery

Ever since the pandemic started, small, medium and large-scale enterprises began closing down/ reducing the manpower. During lockdowns, most merchants and service providers, who are heavily dependent on restaurants and other physical stores, end up having no work at all. Here arise the requirement of our Service App, which to a great extend will aid the society to recover from the Pandemic by creating more Job opportunities.
So why to go outside when both the products and the service providers can come straight at you? That is what Rider App offers. Convenience right next to you!

Car Ride

Electric Bike Ride

Auto Ride

Rider App Mobile Applications

Rider App offers three Apps: Rider User, Rider Provider and Rider Shop.
Rider User is for the Customers / Clients. This is the app that you should download if you want to book for Rides, Courier, Delivery or Utility Services.
Rider Provider is the app for Service providers / our Partners. So if you want to offer your services as a Driver, Delivery boy, Electrician, Plumber, Helper, etc., this app is for you.
Rider Shop is for the merchants or Shop Owners. If you’re a Restaurant or Grocery owner this app is for you.

So what are you waiting for???

Download the App that Suits your requirement.

App Screenshots